More Thousands of Words

Yet you too in your time must have known the intensity of life, that light of glamour created in the shock of trifles, as amazing as the glow of sparks struck from a cold stone — and as short-lived, alas!
—Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

I've mentioned a few of the camera problems I've had to you, Reader, but not nearly all of them. Luckily my friends provided me with a few shots to fill in the gaps. I posted a batch of those, and the ones I took myself between Aswan to Haifa, to my Flickr pages. Here are a few favorite ones.

Wadi Rum

Amelia (13)

Jean (10)
Photo by Jean.

Nuweiba & Dahab, Egypt

Yashar (2)
Photo by Yashar.

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Amelia II (39)
Photo by Amelia.

Amelia II (62)


Cairo (7)

Cairo (2)

The Western Desert

Amelia II (88)

Aswan & Abu Simbel

Aswan (9)

Aswan (42)


Jerusalem (27)


Hebron (6)

Tel Aviv & Haifa

Tel Aviv (5)

Amman & Jerash

Amman II (3)

Jerash (11)


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